Museums and Heritage Interpretation

Museum environments are designed around rigorous academic and curatorial principles. Interpretive media can range from simple graphic panels with text and images, through to full-scale audiovisual installations and historical recreations. Qualia works with museum professionals to interpret complex subjects and collections in ways that make them accessible to all visitors.

The National Media Museum, Bradford

The following examples of work are taken from the portfolio of Richard Mathers, Principal Designer at Qualia. The examples show how content-rich displays can be made accessible to a very broad visitor profile by creating interest within authentic settings. 

Valence House, Dagenham

Qualia was hired by Brennan Design LLP in 2011 to provide detail designs for Valence House Museum at Dagenham. This was very much a collaborative process, with Dennis Brennan of Brennan Design providing conceptual design to RIBA stage D and Richard Mathers at Qualia providing detail design and production drawings. The budget for interpretation and design was £750k.

York Castle Museum Design

The following designs were created for York Castle Museum. The scheme builds upon the Museum's existing interpretive approach with material collections and social history interpretation combined. The project budget was £90k.

Whitby Museums Geology Gallery

The following design and build was carried out by Qualia and XMC Limited for Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society. On a very limited budget of less than £20k, Qualia and XMC were able to refurbish two Victorian cases and reinterpret a key part of Whitby Museum's Jurassic collection. The case refurbishment involved having collection objects displayed on graphic timelines within the cases and a new low-voltage lighting system.                

The Mary Room at  Edinburgh Castle

Queen Mary's Room at Edinburgh Castle is where she gave birth to her son James, the first King of England, Scotland and Ireland in 1566 . The portraits in the preceding room tell the story of Mary’s royal line and its connections to Edinburgh Castle. Qualia worked closely with Historic Environment Scotland on the meticulous positioning and layouts of the royal portraits from its collection. 

This was very much a collaborative process, with the relative positions of text, lighting and portraits being of critical importance. Historic Environment Scotland curated the content of the exhibition and KSLD provided the lighting design.


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